A Complete List of the Most Profitable Livestock to Raise

Raising livestock and farm animals can be very lucrative. Click here for a list of the most profitable livestock and farm animals to raise.

most profitable livestock

Do you currently live on or are planning on moving to a lot with a couple of acres? If so, then it's highly advised you consider raising livestock and farm animals. If you're already an animal lover, then having animals on your property is already a plus.

However, making new furry friends isn't the only reason why you should raise livestock and farm animals. Raising these animals is a great way to earn money for yourself, your family, and your new farm. Do keep in mind, though, that some animals are more profitable than others.

And if you're going to put in the time and money into raising these animals, then they should be making you some money back in return. To find out which are the most profitable livestock, continue reading below!

1. Chickens

When you think of the farm life, you most likely immediately think of chickens. Just about any farm that you visit will have a few chickens running around—and for good reason. Chickens work around the clock to bring several benefits to your farm, including eggs, fertilizer, and chicken meat!

To raise chickens properly, you'll need to provide them with a covered area containing 4 square feet of space in the coop per hen, fresh water, and a nesting area for them to lay eggs on. They're easy to manage as well and will eat just about anything. You'll have no troubles feeding them garden leftovers, weeds, chicken feed from the store, and more.

Be sure to use proper bedding to prevent them from getting lice and keep their coops clean. A dirty coop will cause chickens to become sick, and the sickness will spread fast.

2. Cows

Cows will need much more space than your chickens. You'll need at least 2 acres of land if you plan on raising cows. One cow alone needs an acre for grazing purposes. 

As you know, cows are the perfect source of meat and milk. However, because of their large size and the amount of space they need to live happily, these farm animals aren't right for everyone. Keep in mind that you'll need to know how to handle these animals before jumping into it.

If you know you can manage these large animals and have the acreage to do so, then the next step is to provide them with a large source of water, a large supply of hay, a barn, and plenty of shade out on the pasture. 

3. Pekin Ducks

For an easy raise, consider Pekin ducks. They produce large eggs and also provide a good source of meat. These animals don't require a whole lot of space, which is good for saving money. 

Provide them with a small shelter and kid's pool to swim in, and they'll get along just fine. They'll forage for food, and you won't have to worry about them scratching up the ground and garden. They're awesome helpers in the garden as well because they'll eat the bugs off the plants.

Just be sure to install a fence because these large birds are quite slow and won't stand a chance against predators. 

4. Pigs

Pigs are the most profitable when there's enough room for them to roam around. This is because the pigs will eat as they roam, and it'll lower your feed your feeding expenses. Otherwise, they'll eat compost, grains, bread, milk, and more.

If you don't allow them to have free range, then the feeding expenses can become quite high. They're large animals and require a lot of food to stay full and healthy.

Although they're known for their smell, pigs are actually quite clean. The more you get them to move around, the less they'll smell. Once a mother has her litter, you're looking at about 11 more pigs. 

However, you will need to raise the piglets for about a year before you can get a good amount of meat off of them. 

5. Honeybees 

Here's one that you probably haven't thought about: honeybees. Honeybees require little maintenance and are a great addition to any farm. To raise honeybees, provide them with hive boxes and a nearby water source. 

To catch the bees, you'll need sugar water, gloves, and a bee suit. The box hives come with room to hold sugar water to feed the bees, but they like to travel to get their food. They aren't aggressive like other stinging insects and will produce honey for your kitchen!

Just be sure to leave them a tad bit in their box hive in case they need food.  

6. Goats

Goats bring many benefits to your farm. They produce meat, milk, and lawn services. They don't require a lot of acres, so they're the perfect farm animal for smaller farms.

Other than the meat for eating, goats provide an excellent source of milk, which can be used for consuming or making all-natural cosmetic and bath products, with such as lotions, chapsticks, and more. They'll eat vegetables, hay, and store-bought feed. 

They also love to eat away at wood and shrubbery, so they make for the perfect lawn care services. 

What's the Most Profitable Livestock for You?

After reading this list of the most profitable livestock, we hope that you now know which animals would work best for you and your lot of land. Haven't decided on a property? 

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