most profitable livestock
A Complete List of the Most Profitable Livestock to Raise

Raising livestock and farm animals can be very lucrative. Click here for a list of the most profitable livestock and farm animals to raise.

Farm Equipment
Must Have Farm Equipment and Tools for the First Time Rancher

Starting a farm is no easy task! While it is a lucrative and rewarding opportunity, explore the ultimate checklist of farm equipment and tools you'll need.

Children Farming
The Working Ranch: Benefits of Children Farming and Caring for Animals

Have you ever considered buying or moving to a working ranch? Did you know that children farming and raising animals builds character? Learn more here.

Rural Living
That Country Life: 10 Reasons Why Rural Living Is Good for Your Health

Are you looking to get healthy? Forget the latest city fad. Rural living can help you get in shape and restore your health. Here's how.

farm animals
8 Easy Animals to Raise for New Farmers

To start making a profit on your new farm, consider adding some of these farm animals to the mix!

most profitable crops
9 Most Profitable Crops to Grow on Your Farm

Ready to make some money on your new farm? In this guide, we will discover the 9 most profitable crops to grow on your farm.

Land and Farm
How to Search Land and Farm Sales in Texas - Coleman and Runnels County

Search Land and Farm Sales in Texas - Coleman and Runnels County

Land For Sale In Texas
Search Land and Farm Sales in Texas |

Search land and farm sales in Texas with We have the best, most up-to-date listings of farms, ranches and more. Find your dream property now.

Land and Farms
3 Crops That Thrive in Taylor County

If you're considering land and farms in Taylor County, TX, here are some crops that grow well in the area.

Rural Land
How to Lease Your Rural Land for Hunting

You can make extra money by leasing your rural land for hunting and fishing. Get started today by reading on!

Moving To The Country
Being Prepared: What to Know Before Moving to the Country

If you're ready to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, there are a few details to keep in mind before moving to the country.

Self-Sufficient: How Much Land Do You Need to Live Off the Grid?

If you've discovered an interest in becoming completely self-sufficient, you'll almost certainly need to acquire some land. How much? Read on to find out.

Farm Land For Sale
Farm Land for Sale: 4 Ways to Find the Top Rural Real Estate in Texas

Looking for land in TX for farms, ranches, or recreational acreage? Read this article on Texas farm land for sale to learn 4 ways to find top rural real estate.

First Time Land Buyer
First Time Land Buyer?: The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Land

When buying land, there are some mistakes that you definitely want to avoid. Read on to learn about the top mistakes when buying land.

Best States for farming
Thinking of Buying Land? These Are the Best States for Farming in 2019

With varying land quality, tax breaks, and land prices, not all states are created equal when it comes to farming. Check out the best states for farming in 2019

buy a farm
8 Things You Should Consider Before You Buy a Farm

Are you thinking about buying a buying a farm? Take some time to think about the idea first. Here are 8 things you should consider before you buy a farm.

How to be a rancher
How to Be a Rancher: 9 Tips for Running a Successful Ranch

Are you looking to buy your own ranch? Learn how to run a successful ranch with these 9 key tips for how to be a rancher.

inheriting farmland
5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself After Inheriting Farmland

Finding yourself with a farm inheritance is a pretty big deal. Learn the five things you need to ask yourself after inheriting farmland - and what to do next.

buying a ranch
Your Ultimate Guide To buying A Ranch For Recreation

Are you considering buying a ranch for recreation or profit? Here is what you need to know about the process and best choices of making such a purchase.

owning a ranch
Everything You Need To Know About Maintaining And Owning A Ranch

Are you in the process of buying your first rural recreational property? Here's everything you need to know about running and owning a ranch.

buying acreage
10 Reasons Why Buying Acreage For Recreation Is Better Than Buying A Vacation Home

Are you debating whether to buy a traditional vacation home or a rural recreational property? Here's why buying acreage is a better idea.

owning a ranch
How to Make Side Money From Owning A Ranch

Are you interested in buying recreational rural land? Here's how owning a ranch can bring some additional income your way.

Winter Vegetables
7 of the Best Winter Vegetables to Grow in Texas

Just because the cold temperatures have arrived, it doesn't mean your crops have to be any less profitable. Check the best winter vegetables to grow in Texas!