We wanted it to be EASY to find your dream property. We noticed other real estate advertising sites had become extremely difficult to navigate. Between "Featured Properties" and display ads, it was almost impossible to look for a property in a particular area.

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These tax exemptions are based more upon a production formula than appraised value.  In some cases it may be the difference in non ag tax being over $30/acre/year to the ag tax being maybe $3/acre/year.   Because of this difference in yearly cost it is very important to know if it qualifies.  The rule is 5 out of last 7 years it has to have been used for ag purposes and producing ag income.   Each County is a little different in the rules that qualify so you can check with the appraisal district for answers.

Deed restriction are included and recorded on the deed to the property.  If there are any from past sales they will be included and the current seller can ad to these if they decide to.  Make sure to look at this information and also ask the Title Co. for clarification to make sure the property can do what you want it to.

Because of the complexity of trying to narrow down a search for what a customer is looking for, we wanted a site that was more user friendly if someone was looking for a country property.  This allows you the convenience of not having to navigate through town properties to find what you want.

We have found all such sold sections that we see on other sites, to be HIGHLY inaccurate. Instead of posting incorrect information, we choose not to post it at all.

We feel that information is best provided from the individual Seller.