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Why for Free?

In a nutshell, is out to return sanity to online property listings.

Other online property listing websites have become difficult to navigate, expensive to place ads, and have buried ordinary listings behind a quagmire of Silver, Gold, Platinum and other “Premium” listings.

The team is determined to return to the simplicity of the early days of online property listings. Our look is clean, the navigation is easy, and the searches are intuitive. No “premium” listings to hide the basic listings, and no outside ads to complicate the works.

However, we realize that until we have hundreds of sellers and thousands of listings, we will not be able to overtake the momentum of the “other guys”.  We are determined to get there, and that is why your listings are absolutely FREE for the foreseeable future. will get there. In fact, our page rankings are on the rise in search engines (just for fun, try googling “375 acres in Winters, Texas”).

Also, once we have obtained our listing goals nation wide, we pledge to keep prices MUCH less than the "other guys". Our plans are a fee of $50/month for up to 100 listings with unlimited photos..

No credit cards needed for now.  No tricks. No gimmicks.  We just want to provide an inexpensive way for broker/agents to advertise their rural property listings. And for buyers, a simple, clean way for them to find their dream farm or ranch.  

Help us help you list your properties without breaking the bank! Help Us, Help YOU!

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The Team