9 Most Profitable Crops to Grow on Your Farm

Ready to make some money on your new farm? In this guide, we will discover the 9 most profitable crops to grow on your farm.

most profitable crops

According to First Research, global crop production revenue is about $3 trillion. Making the farm more productive is possible if you identify the most profitable crops to grow. You should always cultivate the crops with the highest returns possible.

There are specialty crops that are easy to grow but yield above average produces. Unlike the common grains, fruits, and vegetables, they fetch high prices and are on ready demand. These crops will likely give you more money if you plant them well. Read on!

1. Lavender

Are you looking for a flexible, above average yielding crop? You will make more money on your farm by planting lavender flowers. It’s an essential oil applied for commercial services and for value addition on crops.

It is a favorite for many people because it requires minimal investment. It grows in different climates, although it requires well-drained soils. Lavender flowers are fast growing, disease resistant, and flowers for more than ten years after planting.

Typically, an acre of lavender produces more than 10,000 bouquets annually, meaning you have a constant flow of money every year.

2. Bamboo

Do you want to plant a lucrative, inedible plant? Bamboo is one among the uneatable, but one of the most profitable crops ever. It has many uses, from making fishing poles to flooring and landscaping.

To get the most out of bamboo, you have to plant the best species. The one you select to grow should have high demand in your locality.

When planting bamboo, you transplant small clumps of roots from an existing batch. It spreads aggressively, and you need to plant distantly from the home and other crops. You can buy a farm somewhere far away to plant bamboo.

All you need is the application of nitrogenous fertilizers and heavy irrigation. The plant takes an average of 5 years to grow into harvestable patches. If you are patient enough, your bamboo will fetch lots of money after maturity.

3. Saffron

You can make lots of money by planting the most expensive culinary herb in the world. A pound of this herb trades at around $5000 and $10000. An acre will give you about 4 pounds, indicative of how lucrative the herb is.

If you stay in a dry region with mild winters, this is probably the best crop to grow. It is suitable for commercial spice production and is in high demand both locally and internationally.

4. Garlic

Planting gourmet garlic can give you a huge payoff. Garlic is a superior flavor and is used all over the world. The hard-neck garlic is different from the ordinary one, and customers pay a higher profit for it.

The average price of garlic is about $10 per pound, and an acre can produce more than 15000 pounds a year. It is simple to grow and harvest provided you have adequate labor.

Another reason you should consider planting garlic is that there is no risk of losing your investment. It tolerates harsh weather conditions all different types of soils. No wonder many people refer to it as a mortgage lifter.

5. Ginseng

Formerly a wild root, it is a popular medicinal herb found in eastern and northern America. However, it is one of the most on demand crops in the Asian region. Many Asians, especially the Chinese, are fond of this product, and you can take advantage of the readily available market.

A planted ginseng fetches lower process than the wild one. The will type has high commercial potency because of the medicinal value. When planting, it requires natural forest shading.

You can plant ginseng in an open field and witness the boom in sales. A pound costs around $500, when prices are reasonable, you can fetch up to $50,000 per acre annually.

6. Goji Berries

In China, Goji bodies are superfoods and highly in demand. However, the crop does well in North America. Many American farmers find it lucrative as an acre can fetch up to 7000 pounds.

A pound of dried Goji berries trades over $20- a fairly reasonable price. Just like tomatoes, they grow on head-high shrubs. They adapt in different places; so you can try them out.

When planting these berries, choose the most viable varieties that won’t disappoint you. It reaches full production in 5 years. From there onwards, you can reward yourself with loads of cash as they always produce exceptionally.

7. Oyster Mushrooms

Mushroom is a delicate yet highly profitable plant to grow. They are easy to grow but require proper handling and care. Small scale mushroom growing is very lucrative because you can take care of a small farm.

Many people love mushrooms because they are healthy and one of the solutions for food safety. The price of mushroom varies from $5- $20 per pound. It averages about six crop cycles per year, meaning you can fetch as many profits as possible.

8. Basil

Do you want to plant a high yielding, profitable crop? Basil is a very productive herb and one of the farmer-favorite spices. It matures rapidly meaning it has many crop cycles all year round.

Basil is mainly grown indoors in small container gardens. It thrives in warm, humid environments and can be sold to food producers or directly to farmer’s markets.

9. Ornamentals

Florists highly demand woodies for ornamental purposes. Woodies such as Red Twig and curly willows are attractive, making them high-in-demand crops.

Different varieties yield in different seasons. You can harvest willows all year round if you plant separate varieties. Whether in summer, winter, spring, or autumn, there is always something to harvest.

Considering Planting the Most Profitable Crops?

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